Plein air in Amsterdam

Art philosophy and

Follow your intuition and be brave – the most important rule in my art work.

It was the rule that led me one day to the idea to start combining a wide range of materials, although for a long time I studied and practiced watercolor techniques. The world of watercolor captured my soul and heart, leaving no empty space for other materials and techniques for many years to come. It took a while to return to them after years of experimentation.

It was watercolor that taught me to be brave and express my philosophy in the language that expresses tricks, special effects and paint smudges on paper.

At some point in time, I began to combine watercolor with colored pencils, then added wax crayons, pastels, liners, felt-tip pens, ink, gouache, acrylic … and collage.
Combining all these materials in a chaotic but sensual order I began to discover different facets of creativity in myself, strengthen my existing skills and trust my intuition.

Life reflection in the diaries

Catch the moment and sketch it, as there will be no second chance for it.

Wherever I go, no matter what event I am invited to, there will always be a sketchbook in my purse, backpack or even pocket. Under any conditions, I will always find a moment to capture the impression on the sheets of the sketchbook.

Sketching is a unique drawing skill that I have mastered and continue my experiments every day. It is an instant capture of not only what you see, but also what you hear: the singing of birds, the conversations of passers-by, sometimes even in languages ​​I do not know, the sound of the surf and the sounds of rain, the swaying of leaves in the wind. All this will always be reflected in any sketch.

I want to show you a piece of my life on the pages of my sketchbooks, where I will try to convey to you my emotions, impressions and style of life.

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